what is "what i wish i said in church" about?

It should be easier to be true to ourselves in church than in a men's group, a women's group, or AA. But it often isn't. It should be easier to celebrate, confess, wonder. But it isn't, often, yet. May this site kindle the flame of our courage.

Pentecost was the gift of the Spirit who empowered ordinary people to share, in plain language, what was going on, what God had to do with it, and what they were doing in response, even in the face of the mocking crowd. So this site launches in the week of pentecost to help us do just that. Anonymously if we need to, because there are many swine for our many pearls. Of course, some days, we are the swine, share that too if you like.

The tense of the site name is intentional. Perhaps we wish we said something way back then, before we left. Perhaps we wish we could say something now, instead of leaving. Perhaps we want to say, "Don't go!" to those we see being edged out. Click on the "say something" tab and share what you wish you said in church.

I finally got around to starting this site after hearing Rachel Collis perform "Meet me there." Feel free to add a song to the wiwisic soundtrack.

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